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Micro Fractional collagen stimulation System
By Otto Jimenez

The human body has the amazing ability to regenerate itself; Some years ago it was found that, thanks to that ability, the skin reacts favorably to stimulation with micro-punctures on the surface. In reacting to this stimulus, the body produces more collagen to repair the treated area and the results are remarkably successful, including the formation of new skin intensified by the action of regenerative growth factors, causing the skin to recover appearance, brightness and versatility of its youth.

This procedure or collagen induction therapy began when developed 14 years ago a type of pencil with a cylindrical head on one end, whose surface was provided with many micro-needles. This device is passed through the area to be treated in different directions so that the micro-needles cylinder proceed to make the greatest possible amount of micro perforations and thus stimulate the reaction of the body to produce more collagen.

During the last decade this process has been improved dramatically, and today are tools much more sophisticated and efficient than those used originally. Today’s devices have greatly improved their effectiveness because they are made of microneedles whose heads are smaller and precise; devices also allow to adjust the oscillation and speed of action of the head and the drilling depth of the micro-needle for better and more effective stimulation of the skin.

Additionally, this treatment improves skin’s ability to absorb nutrients from moisturizing, nourishing and stimulating products through temporal permeability created by the micro-punctures. These products, when applied to the skin immediately after the procedure, are absorbed 80% more than in normal conditions, dramatically increasing stimulation, feeding and growth of new skin and, of course, greatly improving the results.

Today this type of procedure is known as: Micro Fractional collagen stimulation System, or Microneedling.

Among the many benefits of skin treatment Microneedling we can list the following benefits:
1. Minimizes pore size
2. It reduces the depth of fine lines and small wrinkles
3. lifts, tones and rejuvenates the skin
4. Improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars
5. Improve the appearance of acne scars
6. Reduce the intensity of hyperpigmentation

Undoubtedly the Microneedling is a more affordable and effective alternative to dramatically reduce the progress of aging and small skin blemishes quickly and very safely.

Remember, your body and your self esteem will always be the most benefited with this type of cosmetic procedures. Always consult your trusted specialist, or call us to talk about the aesthetic alternatives available to treat the discomfort that bothers you for so long will not regret it!

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