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Recovery after Liposculpture procedure
The recovery is pretty quick, without complications or extreme discomfort
By Otto Jimenez

TAs is well known, tumescent liposculpture with local anesthesia is one of the most requested and popular procedures worldwide, and especially in Florida known globally for its specialized beauty centers.

Why is it so popular this particular method of improving human silhouette?, First for safety, the use of local anesthesia makes it extremely secure compared to other cosmetic procedures, second the results are excellent, in most cases changes in silhouette are amazing, besides the change of attitude of patients who are more confident and with great self-esteem. And finally a quick recovery, which is much more convenient and less uncomfortable than other similar cases.

It is in this point where I want to extend the explanation of the capsule.
The tumescent liposculpture recovery is pretty quick, without complications or extreme discomfort and could be separated into three major stages.

Stage One
Initial recovery of 3 days. This first period of three days is required more attention. Most patients refer to recovery as the feeling of having done 1000 crunches without stopping. This feeling of pressure in the area where liposuction has been done dissipated three days later, also in this period of time the body drains most of the saline solution used in the procedure. Likewise the use of postprocedure garment is more demanding because the body is still adjusting to its new shape. However, the vast majority of patients return to regular activities within two days of the procedure.

Stage Two
Adjusting the garment and the total elimination of saline solution. This period is simply amazing, the body reacts in a dynamic way and continues its reduction. The patient returns to make adjustments to the garment, which regularly begins to be loose. Many patients have to buy new clothes because measures have dropped markedly since their procedure. This is when we started to record the progress of patients and their results at the end of a full recovery. It is also at this stage that the post operative therapies are started, to help the skin to regain its elasticity and tone. These therapies are very important to ensure outstanding results and achieve the desired goal more effectively and satisfactorily.

Stage three
Total body definition to your new shape. At this stage some patients still reducing measures and outline their new silhouette. It is here when virtually disappear all the small traces of liposculpture and a beautiful shaped body appears. Whenever a person performs a procedure of this type, we will motivate it to change their lifestyle and eating habits. Eat healthier, less fat and fried foods, stop smoking and reduce consumption of carbonated beverages, consume more water and maintain regular physical activity are some of the tasks given to the patients to maintain this new shape permanently.

No doubt this procedure is a wonderful alternative for those wishing to change their life radically and positively. If you have questions about a cosmetic procedure, the best thing to do is to find out for sure, consult your trusted specialist, clarify your doubts and make a decision. Most people say that they regret not having made the decision much earlier.

See you at the next capsule

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